Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) are the next generation of antibody therapeutics but these whole monoclonal antibody-based products have intrinsic failings which result in a narrow therapeutic index.

Antikor's unique OptiLink™ platform provides a simple solution to widen the therapeutic window and so give clinicians more flexibility in treating aggressive tumours.

Targeting Platform

With its revolutionary OptiLink technology platform, Antikor has adopted a novel approach using much smaller antibody fragments (FDCs) which have uniquely high drug loadings and penetrate tumours more rapidly, so proving more efficacious, but which clear rapidly from normal tissues, so reducing side-effects.

Thus, Antikor's FDCs have a much wider therapeutic window than whole monocloncal antibody-based ADCs. 

Discovery Engine

Antikor’s proprietary antibody fragment frameworks, optimised for maximal DAR and FDC CMC properties, can be used to discover novel FDCs to any given target.

This makes the Antikor FDC discovery engine a valuable asset in its own right.  

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A Brief History

Antikor - Creating Antibody Drug ConjugatesAntikor Ltd is a newly established company that is exploiting a technology platform initially developed by its subsidiary PhotoBiotics, a multidisciplinary spin-out from Imperial College London UK. The Company has over 10 years of pioneering experience in the area of antibody fragment ADCs, and has generated drug candidates with optimal pharmacokinetics and other encouraging preclinical data.



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