Investment and funding

Antikor’s business model, its research collaborations and ability to leverage the expertise and facilities at both Stevenage BioScience Catalyst and Imperial College, make it a lean, flexible and efficient organisation – and an exciting merger or trade sale opportunity, which will provide an attractive exit for investors.

If you are interested in the investment opportunities described here, please contact us to discuss your interest.

Antikor is currently raising around £1 million in growth funding to achieve four key business milestones (1) Development of an advanced product candidate for gastric cancer, (2) Successful prosecution of its intellectual property in the major territories, (3) Establishment of its first commercial partner and (4) strengthening of the Company's platform technology with further efficacy and toxicology data. Upon this major value inflextion, Antikor expects to be initiating a Series A funding round, with a target of raising £5-10 million for clinical development of its products providing investors with a signficant return.