Breakthrough Achieved by Antikor Biopharma with Fragment-Drug Conjugates!

Presentation of Key Oncology Data at BioTrinity 2016 in London

Stevenage, UK: 18 April 2016 – Antikor Biopharma Limited (Antikor), a leader in developing and advancing antibody fragment-drug conjugates (FDCs), will be presenting new data at BioTrinity 25-27 April 2016 at Novotel London West.

Antikor’s FDCs have been developed to have a much wider therapeutic index (TI) than current antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), with consequent potential benefits for cancer patients. Dr Mahendra Deonarain, Antikor’s CSO, will be presenting new preclinical data on these FDCs during the BioTrinity Company Showcase on Tuesday 26th April, at 4.10pm in the Platform Technologies stream.

The enhanced TI has been confirmed in 4 different animal tumour models, with tumour killing data showing that Antikor’s FDCs are superior to ADCs in terms of efficacy, speed of regression, durability (longer lasting cures) and lower side effects (body weight).

The Company has shown that it can manufacture consistently high quality FDCs and, to further underpin the utility of these FDCs, has generated pharmacokinetic data showing fast clearance (and hence lower side effects) with high drug-to-antibody ratios (DAR), exemplifying this with a variety of cancer drugs already in clinical use. The company has also performed tumour penetration studies, and has data showing that an FDC is taken up within 2 hours and penetrates better than a standard ADC.

Using its proprietary technology platform, Antikor can produce an extensive pipeline of additional products but is focusing on taking its lead product for gastric cancer into the clinic.
Dr Deonarain commented: “Antikor’s novel approach uses small antibody fragments, which incorporate its revolutionary OptiLinkTM technology platform, to yield products with uniquely high drug-to-antibody ratios (DAR of 6-10 cancer drugs). These high DAR FDCs have been shown to penetrate tumours more rapidly than conventional ADCs, enabling them to act faster and clear more rapidly from normal tissues. This reduces side-effects, achieves a wider TI and delivers a significantly superior therapeutic benefit.”

The full presentation will be available on the Company website [] following the delivery of the presentation.

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